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Full Time Day Trader / Focused Course Student

“My experience with TBFX as a full time trader has been professional, top class and game changing. TBFX is the reason I am full time.”


Focused Course Student / Consistently Profitable Trader

“He doesn’t do spoonfeeding and forces you to change your mindset to think realistic and long term. Looking back it’s incredible what he and the community helped me achieve.”


Full Time Day Trader / +24 Months in Network

“I have turned down two CA article positions at two top firms to pursue my passion; day-trading. It is because of Tyron that I am able to day trade full time.”

What Is The Focused Course and the Network?

For the past few years I've helped traders become independently profitable

The Focused Course and The Network is your guide to navigating the Forex market successfully. It draws from my extensive experience & knowledge as a professional trader with a degree in Investments & Finance. At this point in my journey, it goes far beyond the daily profits, lifestyle & time freedom I have, there is more satisfaction in helping you achieve the same by bringing you into my network that I have spent hours upon hours & thousands developing.

Building the platforms which provide you with all the tools necessary to ensure that with the Focused Course and The Network you will be taken from any level of trading to full-time and funded if you are dedicated.

Trading should be simple & over the past 5 years I have refined the approach into the simplest form possible by trading liquidity zones & market structure. This refined approach has been built into an industry changing course framework, from introduction to freedom. With the Focused Course, we make Forex trading profitable for anyone disciplined and motivated to learn, then be there constantly to mentor you through The Network.

Trading Course Curriculum


Setting The Base

This foundational module establishes essential trading principles, providing you with the crucial knowledge required to navigate the trading landscape.


Market Structure

Learn to identify the critical elements of market structure, understanding trends, levels, and key patterns to make informed trading decisions.


The Multiple Time Frame Puzzle

Unravel the mystery of multi-time frame analysis to spot high probability trades, gain a structured market view and enhance your decision making process.


Directional Bias Establishment

Master the art of identifying and trading with the dominant market trend for improved consistency and reduced risk.


Tradable Setups

Discover how to identify profitable trade setups with precision, learning proven strategies that will work in all market conditions.


Taking Entry

Equip yourself with the necessary skills to determine optimal entry points, reducing your exposure to risk while maximising profit potential.


Management & Confluence Factors

Understand how to effectively manage your trades and leverage confluence factors to enhance your trade selection process, amplifying your success rate.


Psychology and Mindset

A deep dive into a profitable traders mind. The essentials to build resilience, patience and discipline. Important characteristics of any successful trader.

When You Enter The Complete System, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

1. Focused Course (+40 Hours)

Gain access to over 40 hours of in-depth content designed to take you from a novice to a skilled consistently profitable trader.

2. Access to the The Network

Be a part of a focused community of traders where you can discuss strategies, share insights, and seek advice.

3. Exclusive Webinars

Regularly scheduled webinars that dive into complex trading topics, market analysis and live feedback for the Network members.

4. Real-Time Trade Analysis

Benefit from real-time insights into trades, with detailed breakdowns of my thought processes and strategies.

5. Personalised Feedback

Regular opportunities to get your individual trades and strategies reviewed by me and seasoned traders for personalised feedback and guidance inside the Network.

6. Trading Tools & Resources

Access a library of trading tools, templates, and resources that can help streamline your trading process to make long term profitable decisions.

7. Ongoing Support

My team is always ready to provide you with support helping with technical issues, or providing additional educational resources. Your trading journey doesn’t end with the course; we are with you every step of the way.

Proven Systems, Strategies, and Resources to Refine Your Forex Trading Skills

Your Last Step to Full-Time Profitability

Take action now and develop the skills to learn and scale your Forex trading. With the complete proven system to get you consistent with the Focused Course education as well as get profitable and funded with ongoing mentorship inside The Network.